Sunday, November 23, 2008


The much anticipated movie "Twilight" came out this weekend! I read the books a few months ago during some down time while sick and got hooked! Although I found the fight sequences lacking, I loved the story and characters that Stephanie has created. Like most mother/daughter duos around the country, my mother and sister have read the books as well and she treated us to see the first movie last night. My opinion: Awesome! I am always nervous about a movie that is based on a book but I felt the actors were good choices and the stuck very close to the story. Edward and Joseph were heart-pounding and I felt childish cheering with the numerous preteen age girls when they came onto the screen! Ha! I had a fabulous time getting back into the story and although I am sad the book series has finished, I look forward to the three remaining stories to make their way onto the silver screen!

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