Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Where is Heaven?

So last night Casey Monica and I were watching the newest Harry Potter movie. There was a scene where Dumbledore (Dumbledore is an old wizard with a long gray beard) is talking with Harry. Monica and I are snuggled up together but I see her looking a little confused. She turns to me and asks "Is that Heavenly Father or Jesus". Oh Boy! I told her "Neither sweetie, that's a wizard now watch the movie." Still unsatisfied she continues... "Well where is Heavenly Father." I respond, " Well he is in Heaven." She asks, "Where is Heaven?"
{Ok Casey, stop the movie!} How in the world did my 2 year old become so smart!? I thought these were questions that she would have when she was older. Maybe when her fish dies in a few years or something. "Well, Monica Heaven is a wonderful place in the sky (shifty eyes) where people we love and who have died get to live with Heavenly Father and Jesus, like Daddy's Grandma." Monica, "Daddy's grandma lives with Heavenly Father." "That's right."
{Ok, you can play the movie Casey.} Monica asks again, "So, is Heavenly Father in this movie?"
Having a 2 year old is fun. You never know the little things that they're going to say. Sometimes its really cute like when she told a stop light "Dude, stop Blinking." and sometimes its quite embarrassing like when she told my sister "that guy is old!" and they were still right next to him. Its always fun to wonder what she is telling others when we're not around. So be careful what you say, you never know what these little 2 year old sponges are soaking up just to regurgitate their newly found information elsewhere and usually at a real inappropriate time and place... especially ours. And if anyone knows how to teach Monica the complexities of Heaven and Earth, I am home most days.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

The Allred Sigh

So I am new to this whole blogging thing but it seems everyone else has one and since I have an e-mail, cafemom, facebook and myspace account, etc..., I might as well add one more thing to manage. Besides, it will allow me a place to post my ramblings and incoherent thoughts that Casey may find weird and would respond with what I lovingly refer to as "The Allred Sigh". This is a quiet and sometimes hard-to-catch sigh of displeasure that most Allred's don't even notice doing. Even my daughter Monica might do it at times when I inconvenience or annoy her. It makes me wonder if it is a part of they're genetic make-up. A gene that passes from generation to generation publicly displaying a moment of unhappiness. Now, I don't have a problem with this particular gene, in fact it lets me know when I have made someone frustrated or mad without them knowing I know, however it is a phenomenon that puzzles me. Unfortunately, It seems that I too have started sighing so perhaps its not gene at all but an inheritance to anyone who joins the Allred clan. The question is.. can it be stopped? Sighhhhh...... we'll see....