Monday, November 10, 2008

Halloween 2008

This year was a very busy halloween for the Allred's. Monica and I woke up halloween morning and went ding dong ditching. It was something I remember doing when I was little and now am passing the tradition on. We made cupcakes and left them on the doorsteps of a few of our friends. We went through a few batches until I found a good alteration on lemon cupcakes that made them soo yummy. I included a poem I wrote, I can't remember it, delivered it to their doorsteps, then ran for it! Monica loved it. It was fun however next year I may include a hint or just deliver in person as a few people tossed them and a few more questioned me until I broke. Poeple aren't as trusting in random pastries left on their doorsteps as they were in my day. What is this world coming to?

Then we went to the mall and did some indoor trick-or-treating just in case the weather was too bad at night. She was pretty shy about asking store employees for candy but I couldn't blame her, it would take a lot for me to do the same. However, she was very pleased with her hall in the end.

After the mall we headed to our good friends the Marson's in Lake Stevens to enjoy the evening eating pizza, watching movies and trick-or-treating! The weather was crazy on the drive and I saw such a pretty rainbow I had to take a picture!

We had so much fun that night. Monica was a monkey, Logan was Ironman, Larry was the joker and Carter was a banana. Monica and Logan were really into trick-or-treating this year and they could have outlasted the adults I'm sure! When we got back to the Marson's they dumped out their loot and ate candy all night... and so did I!

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Nancy said...

Ha, ha! Cute costumes! I love that they were a banana and a monkey! Too cute together!