Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thanksgiving 2008

I'm one of the worst bloggers. A few weeks will go by without any new posts and then I'll post about a few different things all at once and the cycle continues. I thought I would impress you all by blogging about the events that took place TODAY! I know- crazy huh!?

Thanksgiving 2008:

I grew up on Whidbey Island an rarely go back. Both parents still live over there but for the most part they come over to the "main land" for most family activities. I think the last time I went over was the beginning of summer so I was excited to go back today for Thanksgiving. Monica was thrilled as well and was so excited to see grandpa and her Nina (grandma Rosie). She loves the ferry ride and had to go up to the observation deck to, well.. observe.

The girls

The boys

Our Family

We made our way to grandpa's and of course the first thing I did was head for the kitchen! I found the rolls (which has always been my favorite part of any feast) but wasn't sure if it was taboo to dive in with out being invited to do so, so I was left with only one option- closet eat. I was 2 bites in when Rosie caught me. I was pleased to see she had a sense of humor about the incident.

Dinner was soon after our arrival and we all marveled like little children at the delicious spread that laid before us! Dad and Rosie did a fantastic job at preparing a wonderful thanksgiving dinner

the table was pretty with fall decorations. I have always loved the warmth and joy that comes with the winter holidays. It much appreciated because I hate the winter and would go insane if it wasn't for times like these.

It was Carter's first thanksgiving so we gave him a little bit of everything and he scarfed it down.

It even got in his hair.

The only thing he didn't care for was the ambrosia salad and spit it out.

After dinner we packed up leftovers (what kind of child would I be if I didn't bum food off my folks)and stashed it away for later. It looked really good though and I was tempted to do a second round of feasting.

The turkey kicked in fast and Monica fell asleep immediately after dinner.

I passed out on the couch with my rolls and bloated stomach.

We were reminded of how much Carter is like his Dad

and then Carter zonked out close behind and the rest of us enjoyed a little competitive game of Taboo.

When the kids woke up, my Dad took Monica and Carter and played a little guitar for them. Carter LOVED it and danced and tried to play a little himself. It had to be the sweetest thing ever.

We had the most wonderful thanksgiving and enjoyed being with family. We have so much to be thankful for and although we have faced many trials this year, we have been blessed with so much. Thank you for your support friendship and love!

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sachiko said...

I never really liked winter in WA either... and then I came to UT and HATE, HATE the winter but very much enjoy the 2 weeks of fall. Your kids are so cute. I love Carter's strawberry blonde hair.