Saturday, November 29, 2008

Decorating the Christmas tree

I love Christmas time and the tree and decorations with lights are a big part of that. I haven't been big in decoration my own apartment because I am limited with what I can do but the tree is something fun I can do now with Monica.

We rearranged our living room, put on some Christmas music and got to work.

Monica's eyes lit up with every ornament she pulled from the box and went from decoration to decoration.

Her favorite was our little snowmen that spell out N-O-E-L. She picked out the "N" as her favorite.

Carter was asleep during the transformation and woke up to his first Christmas experience and of course wanted it all! The look on his face when he first saw everything was priceless!

Monica is very protective over all the decorations and Carter is NOT to have any of them.

She has moved all of the decorations on the tables into a safe pile so he cant get at them. The organization didn't last long but it is so fun to have a little family to get excited with.

This will probably be one of the most fun Christmas' at the Allred home and I look forward to it with childlike anticipation :)


Nancy said...

What a beautiful job you guys did decorating the tree! Monica looks so excited for Christmas! And I'm sure Carter is soaking it all in!

I find Christmas so much more exciting now that we have Rachel :) Last year her eyes just sparkled every time she saw Christmas lights and it was so fun!

chelsea elizabeth said...

pretty tree rosa! We did ours on Saturday, zach & mason loved it (although 3 ornaments were already broken in less than 24 hrs of it being outup lol) what can I say, boys will be boys just you wait! It was fun bc they actually could help this year and be excited about it. they keep asking me when christmas is coming to their house and if the snowman is going to bring some snow! Cash had that exact look om his face when he saw it for the first time! I miss you!

Aquaspce said...

Malachi says your house is Awesome! Just so you know.
The tree looks really pretty!