Monday, June 30, 2008

Top 10 things of last week in no particular order!

1. America's next top model night (pictures to come)
2. Visiting teachers at the park and Ice cream truck
3. Going to the beach with Casey and the kids.
4. Going to the beach with just monica and building sand castles.
5. Whirlyball fundraising event
6. I have to add gas can girl!
7. A special event for my sister (I wont give it away just yet!)
8. fitting into my old silvers
9. Spin class
10. Bubble gum ice cream

No words can describe

Today I was out for a jog and a passed a women walking toward me. She was bear footed, smoking and caring a gas can! Needless to say, I ran a little faster and was thankful she was going in the opposite direction!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Race for the cure

So this morning I woke up at 6:30 to Race for the Cure to benefit breast cancer research. I actually planned to wake up earlier because the race was in Seattle and started at 8:00 plus I had to check in and get my number and such. Well I woke up, threw on some clothes and running shoes and began the day. I went by myself :( and arrived in Seattle about 7:20, registered, put on my racing t-shirt, attached my number (4512) and made my way to the starting line. I got there with 10 minutes to spare and was anxious for the race. The announcer kept counting down "Ten minutes to the start of the women's competitive 5K race.... 7 minutes to the Women's competitive race...." Competitive!? I thought it was just a fun 5K run! Well foolish me found myself at the front of the starting line. Doing a few stretchies and knee raises (to pretend I knew what I was doing), I realized I was surrounded by women with racing shorts, tight aerodynamic tops and top of the line running shoes... I didn't belong in the front. Then I looked ahead of me and the race could have followed one of two course options. It could have gone straight or up. I asked the lady next to me which way the race went and of course... it went up! The race began and as soon as I reached 10 paces, I had been past by all those ladies with little clothing and some old ladies and some kids.... and some ladies with strollers... No joke! I found my pace and turned on the tunes. Shortly into the race I found a girl walking. She looked no older then myself and in better shape...everyone was just jogging by. I thought, 'this girl needs motivation' so I jogged up next to her and said "Don't stop, I am going sooo slow so just run with me!" She said "thank you" and started to jog. Feeling a small victory and quite proud of myself, that little brat takes off and I never saw her again! Oh well, so I continued on and at about 1.5 miles I saw the girls that were beside my at the starting line jogging on the viaduct coming back. They had to already be 7 minutes ahead. I cheered to them in support and continued to listen to a my Bon Jovi. At the halfway point I was met with volunteers handing out water to the runners that past. This is particularly tricky and I found myself half drowning with water all over the front of me so I tossed it aside and kept going. The course was all up hill the whole way (I Don't know how that was possible seeing as it was a round trip, but it was). I dry-heaved twice, dropped my IPod twice, and snapped a few pics along the way. The end of the race was lined with supporters and they fueled a generous spirt to the end. All-in-all I had a great time! I finished the race in 27 minutes 46 seconds and feel like it was a small victory! I didn't come in first but I was far from last, and that's just fine with me! PS... See if you can spot waldo. I am toward the front.... hehe!

Friday, June 20, 2008

woop woop

I've decided to mimic my sister Ivy (she has always been a good person to steal ideas from) and post the top ten things from my week. Here are this weeks top ten things in no particular order:

1. Spin class!
2. 5K race through Seattle
3. Going to the Park with the kiddos
4. Making up a new recipe for a yummy pasta salad
5. Splurging from my diet on some Junior Mints
6. Ordering some things from Victoria's secret
7. 4 people telling me I look skinny in less then 10 minutes (thanks for the ego boost!)
8. Nights with Casey
9. Paying off and canceling my credit card... (Dear Capital One, youre not "in my wallet" any more!
10. Losing 2 lbs!

Friday, June 13, 2008

My Dad Got Hitched!

So Last weekend Casey, Monica, Carter and I accompanied my sisters Ivy and Alex down to Sierra Vista, Arizona for my Father's wedding to his long lost love, Rosi years Isbell. Rosi and my dad were engaged in college and circumstances tore them apart many years ago. Well many years later, fate has brought them back together to share in each others company until death does them part. It was a beautiful ceremony in Rosi's back yard and we are so happy to have Rosi and her family join ours!