Thursday, August 28, 2008

If Casey was Spiderman, Uncle Ben would still be alive!

Yesterday I called Casey after work, little did I know, while we were talking of trivial daily things, he was pinning a shoplifter to the floor! Let me tell you the story:
Alderwood mall has two AT&T stores. One is a kiosk in the center of the mall and one is a store next to the food court. The employees take turns working each and yesterday Casey was working at the kiosk. He was helping a gentleman and headed to go to the store for an item he needed. He passes Zumies where a police woman was talking to some shop lifters. Casey mentioned to the guy next to him that they were "Busted!". He turned the corner near the AT&T store and heard the alarms go off! Three big men had taken the I-phones on display, cut the cords and ran out the door, setting off all alarms. Casey's job has taught him to ignore shoplifters and let the police handle the problem but these guys were to close to Casey for him to just stand aside and let them go. Without hesitation and within seconds casey realized what happened, he body checked one guy against the store door and threw him to the floor. All of the phones flew out and the guy got back up and fought with Casey. Casey grabbed his jacket and the guy wrestled out of it and ran. Casey caught up to him and threw him to the ground in front of Auntie Anne's and pinned him to the floor! He called for someone to get the police officer at Zumies and she went after the second guy and ended up in a struggle outside the mall. The third guy stuck around for some reason and all criminals were apprehended thanks to Casey! The police found more stolen items in their car and all men will be charged with felonies. I hope they will be locked away for a few years, at least long enough for Casey to get onto a police department so he wont be at AT&T when they come back for him! My husband is a "bad A" and I am so proud of him!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Sweet Baby

Carter has such a sweet spirit! We dont know how we lucked out with a little guy who is happy all the time! He really is our little buddy...

Seahawks v.s Bears

Our friends Larry and Hellen get season tickets to the Seahawks every year! We were lucky enough to enjoy their seats while they were away on vacation! Thanks Again! Casey and I went to the pre-season Seahawk/bears game on Saturday the 16th and had a great time! We wanted to start the season off right so we left the kids with G-Jo and went to Walmart for some Seahawk attire! Sure enough everyone was sporting some kind of blue and we fit right in with the sea of Hasselbeck jerseys! We had a great time but left early to beat the traffic! I am relatively positive the Seahawks won after we left. I guess us leaving was what they needed to turn the game around... We probably wont be asked back!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

I Spy with My Little Eye

Blog Spies!

So the kids and I have spent a lot of time this summer at the beach. Monica loves to build sandcastles, collect rocks and sea shells to take baths with later and jump in the waves! Carter and I usually stay on the blanket on the sand but occasionally I will go play with Mo if Casey is with us. On one recent trip Monica got brave enough to go wading in the sound. She kept getting deeper and deeper and Casey and I were getting nervous. Sure enough a wave swept her off her feet and I had to go running in to get her. Jeans, sweater and all. But what did I find!? Monica is a natural swimmer and although she couldn't touch the bottom, she was able to doggie paddle and keep her head above water until I got there! Phew! needless to say, I have gone in the water with her ever since and found I had been missing out on some fun times with my baby girl!

Bite Me!

On Tuesday August 5th, Carter at five and a half months cut his first tooth! Needless to say we are so excited and it will only be a matter of time before he can grub on some Dick's Hamburgers with his Daddy! Until then, however, he will simply have to stick with his formula and baby food. Here is our first attempt at introducing him to rice cereal!

The following attempts went a little better and now I cant feed him fast enough!