Thursday, July 31, 2008

My Birthday

My Birthday was yesterday and I celebrated my 24th year! Time has flown by so fast a little too fast maybe. During my 23rd year of life I grew a little older and maybe a little wiser. I've discovered its OK to be particular on things you feel strongly about but you have to give a little too. I've discovered that good people can act bad and that's OK sometimes too. I've discovered that I think an older man is better because he keeps me on track!

Casey and I Celebrated my Birthday on Monday by golfing and Kayaking. Casey's sister Shannon watched the kids ALL day and allowed us a day of freedom and some much needed Casey/Rosa bonding time. We started the day out early and dropped the kids off and headed to the ferry. We grabbed some food before we got on the mulkiteo boat. Casey had chicken and fries and I had a kids cone at Iver's. We arrived on Whidbey Island and went a golf'n. Casey forgot his backpack that has my shoes so I had to golf in flip flops.

It worked ok because I ended up beating him! I can't brag too much though because we both did horrible (except Casey's Birdie on hole 2). These are out first shots!

After Golf we headed to the Keystone Ferry and took it to Port Townsend on the peninsula. We arrived to the Kayaking place and rented a few single kayaks and headed out to see. Casey soon found out that his large muscles don't provide the stability he needs and his constant rocking made him sick. He decided to stay close to shore and paddle around and instructed me to go on without him. So I did! I only went down the coast for about 15 minutes and realized I missed him so I headed back and we ended our trip a little early.

We had about a half hour before the ferry left so we decided to get some Waterfront Pizza and sit on the beach to maow down or food. We had almost finished when some birds thought it would be fun to poop all over us! Seriously it splattered all over Casey and Myself! We died laughing (might have even dry heaved a little) and headed to the ferry!

4 ferry rides, 1 half-round of golf, 30 minutes of kayaking, free of 2 kids, and a little bird poop on top!~ It was the perfect birthday!!!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

"Fat Verses Muscle" 5 rounds of intense ars whooping combat

In the Defensive corner we have the all-to-common, the lazy, the hard to get rid of ars fat. And in the Offensive corner is the rock solid, hard working lean mass of pure muscle. We have gone 5 month-long rounds of hand to foot combat! Who will come out victorious and who will wither away.... Stay tuned for more punishing rounds to come!

Yesterday Casey and I did the water dunking body fat test! Some things are personal and should remain that way so I wont divulge my body fat percentage but lets just say I was pleasantly surprised and am looking forward to losing even more. Only 10 more lbs to lose to get to 13%! Wish me luck!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

America's Next top Model: Your's truely

I mentioned on my last "favorite 10 " an America's Next Top Model night with the girls. I finally got the pictures back and am happy to expand a little more about my embarrassing night! When Pam first approached me about her America's next top model night I was picturing some girls just getting together to watch a marathon or something. I was excited because I love watching skinny, food deprived girls smack each other around and model on the side... However I was wrong. What Pam had in mind was different.... We were going to be the models. She had some crazy ideas but I knew it would be fun and it was! We didn't do any of the crazy poses like she planned (such as being a tree :( ) but the pictures turned out great and us girls had a great night! Here's some of mine: