Friday, May 8, 2009

Seven Days Down

So far so good. Its been a full week now without refined sugar or bread and I feel good! Its been a lot easy then I thought it would be. In a weeks time I have lost 8 lbs so I'm down to 122 lbs and my skin has seen positive effects as well. I have a lot more energy but I'd be lying if I said I didn't miss things. Today has been the first day I had real cravings for something sweet. I almost broke down for a nutrigrain bar but then saw the first ingredients are high fructose corn syrup, corn syrup, strawberry puree, glycerine, and sugar. Uhhhh no thanks! then I craved one of those cheap little blackberry filled pies until I saw that they are 470 calories! The denver egg bowl at Jack-in-the-Box sounded healthy and REALLY GOOD until I saw the caloric count was 720 and 477 from fat! ewwwww way to ruin eggs! Although I haven't given up all unhealthy foods I just couldn't do this one! But right now I'd REALLY love a root beer float and cant stop thinking about it! HA! Hopefully the craving will go away! Id like to look really good in a dress for Mother's Day Tea tomorrow.
I had the desire to weigh 111 lbs by June 1st but I don't think its very realistic. This would put me at Jennifer Aniston's height and weight but I'm not sure its a reasonable goal. I'll shoot for 115 and see how it goes although weight isn't as important to me as how i feel. Wish me luck as I have 23 more days!

Friday, May 1, 2009

Give-it-up for 30 days: Refined Sugar

A recent episode of Oprah featuring guest host Jenny McCarthy has sparked my interest to give something up for thirty days. Miss McCarthy is creating her own give-it-up blog and so I have decided to adopt the idea. Like her I will be giving up refined sugar for 30 days. Starting tomorrow, May 2nd, and ending June 1st. I have many worries and doubts as to how this will go. At first thought I cant even think of any without sugar however it has got to be possible.... right? I will keep a constant blog throughout the month keeping you all updated on my struggles and progress. I am not only eager to see physical changes but mental and emotional ones as well. My prediction is it will be hard for the first few weeks, almost like detoxing from an addiction, however I hope to feel rejuvenated by the end of the month. My current mood: apprehensive.