Monday, September 8, 2008

Zoo with the Rosss'

Saturday, September 6th: Monica, Carter and I met friends at their place to begin our play date to the zoo! Monica made friends with two fun and wonderful kids, Marissa and Bryson, at the gym where I work. Their parents are also very cool and we all get along real well! They invited us to accompany them to member appreciation day at the zoo and we were more then eager to go. I had never taken Monica to the Woodland Park Zoo and was so excited to have this experience with her!

The zoo was a blast! The kids enjoyed:

bouncy houses

face painting

flamingo hats

climbing on things

and Climbing in things

After the festivities, we walked around the zoo and looked at animals. The kids had fun running around and Dawn and I enjoyed chatting and getting to know each other.

Carter had fun too. He was a good sport mostly.

But got a little overwhelmed too!

We finished the afternoon with a trip to Dick's Hamburgers! I found out a neat talent that Dawn has so if you ever meet her, you HAVE to ask her to perform it for you!

Monica, Carter and Bryson fell asleep on the way home- a good sign that they all had a great day!

We had a great afternoon with the Rosss' and look forward to another play date soon!

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Ivy said...

How Fun! I am so jealous! Your pictures of the kids are very CUTE, I especially like the one of "overwhelmed" Carter! ha! Anyway, hope all is well!