Sunday, September 28, 2008

I love kids!

I work part time at a Gold's Gym Kid's Klub in Bothell so I get to meet and play with all kinds of kids and it makes for a very fun and sometimes interesting day! I get see all kinds of crazy things things such as costumes, temporary tattoos, outfits that kids picked out themselves (the other day a cute little girl came in her bathing suite and boots- she looked like a gogo dancer), etc... They're usually very cute and/or creative! I thought I had seen it all until Mallory came in one day and decided to...

Color a mustache and beard on her face with a permanent green marker. She also colored one arm green too! It's amazing what an eight year old will do when her older brother dares her! Needless to say I died laughing and realized how much I really do appreciate kids for their unique personalities - something I haven't always been the best at.

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