Wednesday, September 17, 2008

3 fabulous days!

The 3 day walk for Breast Cancer was amazing! It was long and hard and possibly one of the most physically grueling things I have ever done! I didn't train as much as they suggested so I went in pretty raw, hoping it would be as easy as I thought. I was way wrong! I thought I was in good shape but the blisters, chin splints and my low arches didn't come to mind when I first signed up for the event.

No matter! This wasn't about any of that. This was about pushing ourselves beyond the everyday to recognize those among us who are fighting a battle everyday. I had an experience of a lifetime meeting people who have been touched by breast cancer. Listening to they're stories and meeting those who have gone through it themselves was an opportunity I'll cherish always. My hopes for walking were to help lessen the chances that my daughter, sisters, mother and all women and men I love, will ever have to experience what others have had to endure! I can't wait for next year!


sachiko said...

I don't know how you manage to do everything! You're such a super mom... Hopefully this will keep us more linked :)

Shannon said...

Good job Rosa. We are so proud of you!