Thursday, October 29, 2009

Lion King

In April my mother treated the family to see the production of "Lion King". Casey and I found a sitter for Rocky and we brought Monica along. It was an amazing experience and seeing Monica's face made it even better. The costumes were unbelievable and so intricate. Monica sat on the edge of her seat the whole time and asked me at the end of each scene if was over and when I told her "no" she would squeal in pleasure. Its all she talked about for months and every once in a while will ask to go there again sometime. I was worried that my 3 year old would have a tough time understanding the plot and concept of costumes but she picked up on everything and never lost attention. It's a must for every family if you get the chance!!

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Jeff said...

What a fun experience for a little girl! So glad I found your blog! You'll have to come check out ours! We miss seeing you guys! Hope you are doing well.