Thursday, October 29, 2009

If you are still there, Im back!

I don't expect anyone to still visit my blog after I've taken such a long hiatus from updating it but if you're still here, Id thought Id let you know IM BACK. Now lets all shout for joy.... YAY....!


I'll start with 10 things that have happened in our world since I last blogged.

1. We Moved
2. Rocky is 1 year 8 months
3. Monica started preschool
4. Casey started a new job (which I wont post of but most of you know what he is doing)
5. I gained 10 lbs
6. I started to recycle
7. Casey's car broke down twice and his car crashed into my car and took the bumper off
8. I repainted my dinning room table
9. I participated in my second "Susan G. Komen 3 day walk for the Cure"
10. I'm trying out step classes and find them very difficult despite the cheesy appearance

Also, Our desktop computer recently crashed due to my downloading a picture of Jessica Biel. Come to find out, 1 in 5 people who search for Jessica Biel on the web get a Trojan virus. I lost most pictures and many files. I suppose I deserve it for not backing them up but non-the-less, I'm very upset over my loss. Thankfully, not only am I lazy at blogging but also at deleting photos from my camera so I still have a few. Watch for them and more posts to come.

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